Sign Letter: Support $2M
SMC Child Care Fund

Dear Honorable President Slocum and County Board Supervisors,


As a leader in the City of San Mateo, I joined child care experts and advocates along with over 35 council colleagues and school board trustees to highlight the severity of the child care crisis and offer suggestions for emergency relief and support (June 17 Letter to the Board of Supervisors).


COVID-19 continues to reveal and exacerbate systemic challenges facing working families and the fragility of early childhood education infrastructure. I commend the County’s collaborative approach and leadership to address this crisis and your recognition that child care is essential to our recovery.


On behalf of myself and the following San Mateo residents, I ask for your vote to support the formation of a $2M Child Care Relief Fund, which would support child care programs that serve roughly 1,500 of our county’s most at-risk children. While grants cannot address the underlying structural or funding issues that plague this industry, it is a unique moment to invest in child care, an infrastructure that is foundational to our long-term economic recovery and that builds equity and opportunity in our community.


I appreciate your support during this unprecedented crisis. Your strong leadership in the child care crisis will affect thousands of working families, minority businesses, and children. I look forward to supporting your continued attention to this critical issue.




Amourence Lee

San Mateo City Councilwoman

San Mateo County
Board of Supervisors
Meeting Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Adan Contreras, Foster City

Adea Sarmiento, San Bruno

Alexandra Rivera, San Mateo

Alicia Barry, Foster City

Alison Proctor, Foster City

Allison Ross, San Mateo

Amardeep Prasad, San Mateo

Amie Tyler, San Mateo

Amy Connors, San Mateo

Amy Lau, San Mateo

Ana Chung, menlo park

Angela Stevenson, San Mateo

Ashley Vendel, San Mateo

Bebby, San Mateo

Bradd Silver San Mateo

Brenda Sell, San Mateo

Bridget Bertrand, San Mateo

Candice Meng San Mateo

Carol Cook, San Mateo

Carolina Nugent, San Mateo

Ceinman, San Mateo, CA

Chana Stewart, Belmont

Christina Ogburn-Chow, Foster City

Chuanpis Santilukka, San Mateo

Cindy Chan, Foster City

Clare Wittrock, San Mateo

Claudia Rivera. San Mateo ca.

Danielle Johnson, San Mateo

David Wong, San Mateo

Dawn Rathi, Foster City

Debra Kattler San Mateo

Delphine Nihoul, San Mateo

Denise Garcia, San Mateo

Diana Harris, San Mateo

Diane Leeds, Emerald Hills

Emily Chang-Ito, San Mateo, CA

Eric Park, San Mateo

Frederick Grim, San Mateo

G. Dimalanta San Mateo

H Poplack, San Mateo

Harrison Meek, San Mateo

Heather Green, San Mateo

Ian McCullough, City of San Mateo

Jamie, San Mateo

Jazmin Rocha, East Palo Alto

Jeannette Larsen, San Mateo

Jeff Chard, San Mateo

Jen Galante, Foster City

Jennifer Mayman, San Mateo

Jessica Bockhorn, San Mateo

Jessica Zabarte, Foster City

John Goodwin, Town of Colma

Josh Kaplan, Foster City

Julia Walsh, San Mateo

Karen Field, San Mateo

Katherine Misrack, San Mateo

Kathy Battat, Hillsborough

Kathy Ho, Foster City

Kieran Boyle, San Mateo

Kristi Puls, San Mateo

Kristy Duvall, Burlingame

Kyra De Guzmsn, South San Francisco

L Warreno, San Mateo

Lehua Amo, Redwood City

Leo Choi, San Mateo

Leslie Loui , Foster City

Li Yang, San Mateo

Libby Traubman San Mateo

libia Miller, San Mateo

Lynnette Garcia, San Mateo

Madeline Bernard, San Mateo

Maggie Chen, San Mateo

Maggie Choi, San Mateo

Mairead O'Mally, San Mateo

Marilynn Kaplan, Foster City

Mark Osborne, Foster City

Matt Pender, Foster City

Megan Contreras, Foster City

Meredith Macaulay, San Mateo

Meredith Yeh, San Mateo, CA

Michal Jacobsberg-Reiss, San Carlos

Michelle Harger, San Mateo

Misecondcasa, San Mateo

Momoe Saito Fu, San Mateo

Ms Geri, San Mateo

Nancy Schneider, San Mateo

Nicola Galante, Foster City

Nnenna Okezie-Sanchez, San Bruno

Noelle Chard, San Mateo

Noy Jacobsberg, San Carlos

Olma O’Neill, Pescadero CA

Paige Hirsch, San Carlos

Rafael Reyes, San Mateo

Randi Paynter, San Mateo

Rebecca Medina, San Mateo

Reema Kawatra, Foster City

Rena Korb, San Mateo

Robert Whitehair, San Mateo

Robin Flecha, Belmont

Rosie Rivera, San Mateo

S Martins Foster City

Sanjay Ravi Gehani, Foster City

Sarah Joe, Foster City

Sarah Portnov, San Mateo

Sarah Santiago, San Mateo

Sola Grantham, San Mateo

Stephanie Hardinger, San Mateo

Stephanie Reyes, San Mateo

Stephen Gildea, San Mateo

Sue-Ellen Atkinson, San Mateo

Swati Shrivastava, San Mateo

Tammy Shueh, Foster City

Tanisha Hughes, Foster City

Tara Clark, San Mateo

Teri Whitehair, San Mateo

Tyler Pender, Foster City

Virginia Fox, San Mateo

Virginia Marans, San Carlos

Vivian Wang San Mateo

Wendy Casey, San Mateo

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