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MomSquad Making History

In celebration of Women's History Month - I want to honor my Mom Squad: Redwood City Councilwoman Giselle Hale, BuildUp for San Mateo County Executive Director Christine Padilla, Organizing Members of the Community Equity Collaborative Heather Hopkins and Dayna Chung. We led the charge to create the San Mateo County Child Care Relief Fund. The Community Equity Collaborative distributed nearly $5.5M in grants to cover the equivalent of one month of operating expenses to programs that provide child care services to the most vulnerable children.

Together our Mom Squad mobilized the parent community and advocated to create the grant program which the Board of Supervisors generously funded. Our Mom Squad pounded the pavement to raise an additional $500k+ in private donations to fill the unfunded needs. Thank you to San Bruno Community Foundation, Google, Cal Water, Community Foundation of San Carlos, Facebook, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, New Community Church, City of San Carlos and generous private donors. Our City of San Mateo city council unanimously voted to contributed an additional $300k to the fund.

Top San Mateo City Council Fundraisers in 2020

In 2020, Mayor, Joe Goethals and I led fundraising efforts for the San Mateo Strong Fund and Child Care Fund, two critical initiatives that helped save hundreds of local businesses during the pandemic (Form 803 Tracker). Props to #Councildads too!


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