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Outdoor dining continues with Citywide parklet program & downtown street closure

San Mateo news!

On Monday, our council supported the extension of city-wide parklets & downtown street closures for outdoor dining. KRON4 covered our support to local businesses through the pandemic.

"Council members mostly agreed with the staff recommendations, but discussed whether the $1,000 fee should apply to places that don’t have parking meters. Councilmember Amourence Lee said the fee might not make sense for areas without a parking meter...Councilmember Lee suggested the possibility of publicly controlled spaces in addition to the private parklets and encouraged the city to financially support businesses that might need reduced fees.

“Everyone’s really strapped and for the businesses that have made these investments to build out the parklets (and) are still alive after everything that we’ve all been through, I just want to make sure that we’re supporting them procedurally, administratively and also financially if there’s bandwidth to do that,” Lee said." [Link to full article]


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