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Thank you!

Our community needs to unite and heal, not waste money on a baseless and wasteful recall. Thank you for joining our multi-faith and multi-racial coalition standing with Mayor Lee including the San Mateo County Labor Council, San Mateo API Caucus, Democratic Clubs, San Mateo Police Officers' Association, San Mateo Consolidated Firefighters' Association.


Can you contribute $100 to our campaign, your early donations can help save our City $1M!

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I stand with.png


Mayor Lee is the only remaining councilmember with legislative experience in the largest city in San Mateo County. Mayor Lee has led on campaign finance reform and sustainability policies. She delivered two revenue enhancement measures, bringing nearly $6M in funding to serve our City. Now this small group of people are trying to squander $1M of taxpayer dollars for a baseless recall. 


Mayor Lee approved the largest affordable housing project in San Mateo's history. During the pandemic and recent climate disaster, she directed millions to small businesses, child care providers, renters, hazard pay, and flood victims. The City also opened a new park and distance-learning hubs for students, and launched a mental health pilot program with the San Mateo Police Department. 

Mayor Lee's record of service is unparalleled and we cannot go backwards! Please contribute $100 today.


 “I hate to see divisiveness in Washington DC politics and it’s even more troubling to see it back at home in the district. The attempted recall of Mayor Lee lacks merit. We have regularly scheduled elections to decide the tenure of our local elected officials, and the City of San Mateo would be unwise to lose the service of its most experienced policymaker.”

- Congressmember Kevin Mullin


"The frivolous effort to recall Mayor Lee is harassment at best and racist at worst. This dangerous effort to put her out of office must be defeated if San Mateo is ever to confront all of the obstacles before us today. Mayor Lee is the only one remaining with legislative experience to lead our City."

- Former Mayor Rick Bonilla

"San Mateo Consolidated Firefighters and L2400 San Mateo County Firefighters stand with Amourence Lee against this recall. Join us in support of Mayor Amourence Lee."

- L2400 San Mateo County Firefighters & San Mateo Consolidated Firefighters 

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