I have lived and worked all over the world, and am proud to call San Mateo home. Both my kids are born and raised San Mateans, attending our public schools. My path to council started when I became a mom. I joined the San Mateo Parent's Club, PTA board, and served as president of our Home Association of North Central San Mateo, then Vice Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Since 2019 when I was appointed to the City Council and then elected in 2020, I have championed our values of inclusivity, prosperity and resilience. I was humbled to receive a broad-base of community support from all neighborhoods and across all of the traditional divides in our community. 

As a mother, nonprofit executive, and successful businesswoman, I have dedicated my life to creating healthy communities and families. I have extensive training in public policy and public health from Columbia University, combined with a 15+ year career building strong organizations and communities. 
As your Councilwoman, I envision a future for all of us, that doesn't sacrifice what makes our City so special. We face generational social and economic challenges. Too many San Mateans are being left behind, priced out and excluded from our governance. 

In the community and in City Hall I have a demonstrated record building bridges that bring us together and forward. Every day I'm grateful for this opportunity to work for every San Matean.


Amourence Lee
City Councilwoman
City of San Mateo


Pregnant at Laurelwood Park - before the playground was built.


North Central Neighborhood Cleanup at the King Center.


Taking the oath of office at City Hall.