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North Central Deserves Better

North Central is a vibrant and historic neighborhood in San Mateo. However, we are still living in the shadow of redlining and a legacy of disinvestment. Today, North Central is the most densely populated and underserved community with high concentrations of overcrowded conditions and the highest environmental pollution burden in the City. 

For decades our community has been asking for investments to:

  • fix our failed streets & broken sidewalks

  • improve visibility and safety by adding street lights and traffic calming measures

  • slow down cars for pedestrians and bicyclists to prevent dangerous collisions

  • remove abandoned vehicles and dumped trash from our streets 

  • work with our local schools to reduce traffic and improve parking conditions

  • encourage multifamily residences to create more on-site parking 

  • plant more street trees and maintain our playground equipment

  • open the King Center on the weekends and operate the King Pool year-round.   

We are a multigenerational community; we care about sustainability, safety, and livability for all of us. We share the vision for the Bike Master Plan that prioritizes connectivity, community, equity, ridership, safety and comfort. We understand that our roadways are shared by all, and that is why we need the Humboldt Avenue bike lane to be redesigned for North Central, taking into consideration our unique neighborhood context.

We ask for a dedicated neighborhood circulation analysis and Complete Streets Plan that will prioritize a redesign of the bike lane on Humboldt Avenue. The current design eliminated over 200 parking spaces in our neighborhood, which is straining our limited parking capacity. ADA parking access is unavailable for our disabled and senior community members, creating challenging and even unsafe conditions.

Please listen to the voices of our community and support a redesign of the bike lane on Humboldt Ave. North Central deserves better!

I support a redesign of the North Central Bike Lane!

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