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Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting

The morning after the tragic mass shooting at the Half Moon Bay mushroom farms that took 7 lives, I contacted Coastside Hope to ask how I could help. Executive Director Judith Guerrero asked if there were any Chinese speakers from the community who could come to the Coastside Senior Center simply keep the survivors company and be a presence and support.

I jumped in the car with Anthony Ng, Executive Director of Civic Leadership USA and API faith leader. Neither of us are counselors but we have seen death and have experience providing bedside support to hospice patients. We arrived to the Senior Center to join the survivors in conversation and a meal. Over many hours of tears, silence, shock, the survivors shared their stories and concerns with us.

Governor Newsom and County Manager Mike Callagy

Gratitude to our Governor and County Manager Mike Callagy for showing up in community and dialogue with the survivors. These leaders came with compassion and resources. They listened with an open heart and expressed a genuine commitment to the long-term work ahead.

This crisis is our call to end gun violence and invest in mental health care for all.

Reflections on our afternoon with the API survivors of the Half Moon Bay shooting.


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