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Reducing Train Horn Noise Pollution

We are lucky to have great access to high quality public transit, but the blaring noises from trains sounding their horns at all hours is a serious quality of life issue.

Our City has been actively working on a plan to reduce train horn noise by establishing a Quiet Zone by 2025. This initiative not only helps reduce noise pollution, it could bring safety improvements for pedestrians, cars, and cyclists as well.

The proposed alternative for establishing a Quiet Zone would limit the times trains are required to sound their horns along the northern segment of the train corridor. These proposed engineering solutions work within the regulator framework and and have the least circulation impacts:

  • Installing 4-quad gates at 4th and 5th Avenue

  • Closing the at-grade crossing at Villa Terrace

  • Installing concrete medians on E. Bellevue.

The next step is to conduct community outreach and education to get input on the trade-offs.

Watch the Council Study Session on June 20th and visit the City's webpage on Train Horn Noise to learn more. Watch the news on KPIX!


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