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Parent Powered Child Care Resources

Parents are buzzing to create child care solutions and it might feel like the wild west.

Advice from County Board of Ed. Superintendent

Superintendent McGee said pods can be a useful supplement but it is very important to remain involved in the education system and she does not recommend unenrolling in school to participate in a pod. She also cautions pod parents not to hire teachers away from our schools.


Parent Co-Ops are license-exempt so long as there's no payment in exchange for care. Check the regulations on group sizes and health requirements:

Contact 4C's to inquire about the different types of childcare and licensing requirements.

Email: Telephone: (650) 517-1400

TrustLine is a registry of caregivers that have been cleared through a fingerprint check of records at the California Department of Justice.

**HINT: Help a mom out and pass on these resources!


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