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San Mateo $$$ Update: Revenue Opportunity

San Mateo considers ads on city buildings, and billboards

Looking to boost revenue, staff to bring back advertisement options to council

By Curtis Driscoll Daily Journal staff Nov 20, 2020

Councilwoman Amourence Lee said billboard advertisements are possible, as long as the city protects the historic downtown and residential areas.

“We are asking staff to make very hard cuts and freezing salaries, and we are looking at serious revenue shortfalls, and this is a very real passive revenue opportunity that I don’t think we should leave on the table,” she said.


Lee said they needed to aggressively look at all potential revenue, including advertisements on buildings.

“I don’t want to shut the door on any of these opportunities. I would err on the side of a broad and deep look at all the possibilities so we can make some well-thought-out community-based decisions,” Lee said. [Read Full Article]


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