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San Mateo County Asian American Pacific Islander Task Force

I'm very proud to be a founding member of the San Mateo County Asian American Pacific Islander Task Force ( We are a diverse and multi-sector coalition of AAPI-identified leaders and allies in San Mateo County working to deliver equitable resources and opportunities that promote our security, economic vitality, representation, and civic engagement.

The Task Force was formed in response to the surge in anti-Asian hate incidences in San Mateo County, including the brutal and unprovoked attack on Millbrae City Council Member Anders Fung that left him with a head and spine injury, as well as two incidences of vandalism to the home of Foster City Mayor Richa Awasthi, and my own home as well. Following the May 1, 2022 API Bay Area Elected Leaders Summit hosted by the API Coalition, the SMC AAPI Task Force was first conceived.

In less than 3 months our efforts have gained momentum, visibility and credibility in San Mateo County as an emerging and impactful coalition.

  • June: We hosted a community-led strategic planning process co-hosted by 15 elected AAPI leaders across the county to establish the Task Force goals and organizing principles which include:

  • Affirming our belonging and responsibility for empowering and organizing ourselves.

  • Building allyship and representation across diverse and intersectional AAPI ethnic groups.

  • July: We committed to leadership on four Key Initiatives including: public safety/mental health; civic engagement; ethnic studies; and economic development.

  • We launched the beta website and AAPI Community Leaders Directory, securing generous funding from Civic Leadership, USA.

  • 20 Task Force members participated in bystander training through The Right to Be nonprofit.

  • August: The Task Force celebrated our official birthday bringing together over 50 county leaders across multiple sectors for the Inaugural Civic Leadership Forum and Dinner, co-hosted by Civic Leadership USA, API Coalition and San Mateo API Caucus. Our inaugural event was highlighted by the San Mateo Daily Journal and a 3-minute segment on channel KTSF26.

  • This event marked the official launch of the San Mateo County AAPI Community Directory. Nearly 100 unique leader profiles have been created on this community-generated power map of nonprofit, faith, business and civic leaders in the County. (Please create a profile for yourself too!)

  • The program included renowned keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Mindy Romero, Founder & Director of the Center for Inclusive Democracy, the leading expert in ethnographic voter data who presented the data picture of AAPI voter representation in San Mateo County.

  • Christine Chen, Founder & Executive Director of APIAVote, the nationally recognized and leading nonprofit in AAPI civic engagement, shared AAPI voter education and engagement best practices.

  • Police Chief Ed Barberini from the City of San Mateo presented on effective community policing strategies that serve and protect AAPI communities.

San Mateo County AAPI Community Leaders Directory

This is the first multi-sector resource of Asian American Pacific Islander-identified leaders and organizations in San Mateo County working in education, business, nonprofit, faith and civic leadership. Create an account and profile for your self!

Read the San Mateo Daily Journal article!


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