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🇺🇸 #TeamAmo VICTORY! ❤️

It is with a full heart and sincere gratitude that I write to you today. Although there are still votes left to count, we are confident that our position will hold and I will return to Council for four more years! 

Making History

The people of San Mateo elected me and our win is truly historic. I am the first North Central resident to be elected in 25 years, only the second woman of color, and the first Asian-American woman in the history of our City. It is incredibly humbling and leaves me beaming with pride to be a San Matean.

I was elected with a healthy margin of victory and believe we have a mandate to create a more healthy and inclusive San Mateo. Together we will build housing so our children can afford to live here when they grow up and our seniors can stay. We will expand child care to ease the burden on working families and recover our economic vitality.

The campaign is over and the work continues. I ask that every one of you stay engaged, continue to share your experiences, and show up to City Hall to advocate for your vision. Our community needs all of our voices. 

Grassroots People Power!

I am deeply transformed by the generosity and support of our community. There are many inspiring moments that I am reflecting on, but one of the most unexpected and profound forces driving my campaign came from our dedicated Gen Z volunteers. I wanted to share with you the video that these incredible young people gifted me on Election Day.  

To the hundreds of volunteers who reached over 22,000 voters, our generous donors, countless elected officials, and organizational leaders who endorsed my campaign, know that you were a big part of our success. You have my heartfelt gratitude.

To all San Mateans, I will work every day for you and all of us. 


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