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Yes on Measure W

I'm proud to have joined my City Council colleagues to unanimously put Measure W on the ballot. Everyone who lives, works or even just drives through San Mateo depends on the

services the City provides. But the City’s finances are hurting now due to the

ongoing pandemic and the increasing costs of supporting the community. We’re at

risk of losing quality services that we all rely on 24/7!

That’s why WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT for Measure W: a modest 2% increase to the

City’s hotel transient occupancy tax. San Mateo voters have an important decision

this November 3, 2020 Presidential Election – we must pass Measure W and save

quality services in our community.

Why vote yes?

All funds raised will stay local in San Mateo

  • It doesn’t raise taxes for residents

  • It will help provide quality City services such as: paving streets and fixing potholes, having quick responses to 911 emergencies, improving pedestrian safety, enhancing our parks, and managing traffic

  • Many nearby cities have higher hotel taxes than San Mateo

Learn more about Measure W at


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