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My 15+ year career in the nonprofit, private and public sectors has shaped policies and institutions to build healthy communities and families.


As a San Matean, I know we have the fortitude and imagination to create a stronger, more just and prosperous future for ourselves and for future generations. 

I know what it is to struggle, and also what is possible when communities come together to take care of each other. As your Councilwoman, I am working every day to:

  1. Protect our public health, safety, and economic vibrancy;

  2. Build affordable housing, sustainable transit and infrastructure; and 

  3. Listen and co-create a vision for growth that respects our history, diversity, and neighborhoods.   


CERT Class of 2018


North Shoreview Levee Project 



As an affordable housing advocate, I will continue to protect the essential fabric of our community by addressing our affordability crisis head-on.


San Mateans need better and more affordable housing options of all types for our seniors, families, workforce and for our young people.


As we plan to meet our community’s needs, we must build on San Mateo’s strengths and preserve our history. Our communities heart, health, economic viability and vibrancy depend upon it. 


Our quality of life depends on strong fiscal policy that will deliver consistent and quality service to residents. We must ensure that our municipal assets--like our libraries, community rooms and fields—are well maintained and available to our community.

As a businesswoman, I have built successful organizations by expanding services and increasing revenue. I have the experience, vision, and discipline to support our local businesses, proactively manage our unfunded pension liability, and creatively maximize every dollar and revenue opportunity.


Environmental sustainability needs to be a cornerstone principle of everything we do - from our street and park designs to building development and shoreline preservation, as well as our essential infrastructure delivering sewer, recycling, composting and garbage services. 

I am committed to advancing San Mateo as a sustainability leader in the County. I support strategic partnerships, regional collaborations and critical infrastructure and multimodal transit investments that will build a climate-resilient future.


  • Supported increased affordable housing requirements on Caltrans and Peninsula Health Care District land

  • Updated building codes and increased affordable housing requirement for new developments from 10% to 15% 

  • 100% affordable housing project will create 225 new homes downtown: 25% public employee housing for our workforce and a work/live preference for San Mateans​. 



  • Close $7.8M structural deficit; utilize unassigned funds to smooth economic volatility during COVID-19.

  • Manage unfunded pension liability to eliminate liability by 2050.

  • Revenue enhancement through tax reform.  

  • Maximize organizational efficiencies through staffing, remote, and flexible schedules.



  • Member of the Caltrain Local Policy Group

  • Circulation improvements to 19th Avenue Fashion Island Boulevard Corridor

  • Grade Separation Funding

  • 101/Peninsula/Poplar Interchange

  • Traffic collision data-informed decisions 


I showed that fire who is boss! #CERT


  • Reduce noise pollution from trains

  • Pedestrian safety & reduce speed limits around schools

  • Ban Flavored Tobacco & E-Cigs

  • Community Policing & Criminal Justice Reform - mental health, training, diversity, accountability.

  • Emergency preparedness & Safety Technology enhancements (drones, ALPR, wildfire mitigation)

  • Safe Firearm Storage Ordinance



  • Upgrades to King Park & Recreational Facilities Plan

  • Historic landmark for Ching Lee Laundry

  • Pedestrian-only streets downtown for outdoor dining & Safe Streets

  • General Plan Update




  • Serve on the SMC Long Term Recovery Task Force 

  • Hazard Pay for Grocery Store Workers & City Employees

  • Mobile COVID-19 testing strategy 

  • Multilingual Business Outreach Taskforce

  • Moratorium on commercial evictions

  • $400,000 in rental assistance (incl. home-based child care providers)

  • 29,000 sq. ft outdoor dining space

  • 61 relief grants to small businesses




  • Flexible enforcement & lifted parking requirements during COVID-19

  • Expand Employee Parking Program for Downtown Businesses

  • 297 new parking stalls on downtown opportunity site 




  • Safe & Complete Streets

  • Dredge the Marina Lagoon

  • Sewer Treatment Plant 

  • North Shoreview Levee


Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 8.42.57 PM.png


  • Bicycle Master Plan Rapid Implementation & multi-modal transit

  • Expand Community Gardens

  • Reach Codes supporting all-electric for new construction

  • Adopted Climate Action Plan




  • Liaison to Senior Commission

  • Age-Friendly Cities Initiative

  • Food Security Program

  • Expand senior mobility service




  • Collaborated with local Black leaders and the San Mateo Police Officers' Association to co-author a resolution supporting Black lives & racial equity

  • Supported Black Lives Matter Protest organized by Coalition Z

  • Organized the first Pride Flag raising at City Hall

  • Increased language access & civic education to increase diverse representation on our boards and commissions

  • Adopted campaign finance policy reform

  • Transitioned to district elections



  • Actively campaigned to support school funding Yes on Measure X, V, & L
  • Raised funds to address the digital divide campaign & PPE donation to SMFCSD

  • Connected SMFCSD and Parks & Recreation Department to create distance learning hubs. 

  • Supported rental assistance allocation specifically for home-based child care providers affected by COVID-19

  • Mobilized 50 elected officials and 550+ residents to create the $5.5M SMC Child Care Relief Fund

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