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Lifting #GenZ Political Voices

Increasing Voter Registration and Voter Turnout

One of our very own local youth leaders, Lauren Fitzgerald made the front page of the San Mateo Daily Journal when she built the My Voting Plan website for young people to help her Gen Z peers get registered and make a plan to vote.

Nationally, youth have the lowest turnout of any age demographic. In San Mateo County, youth citizens between 18-24 years old make up 11% of all eligible voters, but their turnout in 2018 was only 6.3% in the General and 4.3% in the Primary.

Many decisions that we make at the local level have more direct and lasting impacts to our younger generations. Engaging youth in our policy making promotes fairer and more representative governance that serves our entire community. Also the act of civic engagement has positive health outcomes for young people, as was highlighted in the SMC Health Department report on Youth Civic Engagement and Health.

Yes on Prop 18

Leaders of all generations are working together to increase voter turnout and lift up the political voices of Generation Z, including Assemblymember Pro Tem Kevin Mullin. He authored the bill that will allow 18 year olds who are eligible to vote in the general elections to also be able to vote in the primary election. Similar laws have passed in 18 other states along with Washington, D.C.

Please join me in voting Yes on Prop 18 this November!


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