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Mayor's Closing Address

Taking the oath of office (2019)

Since 2019, when I took the oath of office, our journey has been one of shared accomplishments, made possible by the unwavering dedication of our city staff—the true backbone of our community. Together we have navigated the complexities of the Pandemic and climate crisis, and countered threats to our democracy, including the roll-back of women’s rights.

I am humbled to receive a resolution from the City commending my leadership, "Amourence is known for her passionate commitment to community needs; focusing on overcoming generational, social and economic challenges; representing the under-represented, bringing a focus to vulnerable populations and then working hard to find equal representation for all; supporting sustainability causes, democratic principles, and... [she] will strategize, organize and persist to ensure the right thing happens –– in short Amo is a force to be reckoned with."

Some of the achievements I’m most proud of include:

  • Providing $1.4M in critical federal funding to our local businesses, students, and residents through the pandemic.

  • Mobilizing over 50 elected officials to support the County COVID-19 Childcare Fund, which distributed 300 grants to childcare providers.

  • Preserving 600 City jobs and ensuring hazard pay for our essential employees.

  • Welcoming exceptional leadership, including our new City Manager, City Attorney, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Parks and Recreations Director, and Finance Director.

  • Transitioning to by-district elections to ensure geographic representation for all neighborhoods, and voting to appoint Councilmember Hedges from our east side, which had not had representation in decades.

  • Leading our County in campaign finance reforms and introducing the first campaign finance dashboard.

  • Establishing dedicated youth commission seats to empower the voices of our youth.

  • Approved over 400 affordable homes including the construction of Kiku Crossing, the largest affordable housing project in our City’s history.

  • Two successful ballot initiatives generate an estimated $5.8M in annual revenue to fund our City services.

  • Safeguarding abortion and reproductive rights at every level of government, creating a buffer around our Planned Parenthood clinic, holding pro-choice democrats accountable, and championing a countywide initiative to clarify every candidate's position on CA Prop 1 and abortion.

  • Leading climate resilient policies by adopting reach codes, banning City investment in fossil fuel, and increasing funding for quick-build and Complete Streets to improve bike and pedestrian safety.

  • Expanding CORA’s domestic violence community education program to 10 cities.

  • Establishing our DEI Taskforce and commissioning the Racial Equity Mural downtown, proudly raising the PRIDE flag at City Hall, and collaborating to bring the PRIDE Parade downtown.

  • Celebrating 60 years of our cultural exchange program with our Sister City of Toyonaka Japan.

  • Mobilized County leaders to reopen Mickelson's Therapy Pool.

  • Standing against the infringement of property rights and the abuse of historic preservation law to oppose the Baywood Historic District.

  • Dedicating $3M in rainy day reserves for stormwater infrastructure upgrades, creating a $150,000+ Flood Relief Fund for residents and local businesses, and joining the community coalition supporting a Flood Free San Mateo, to raise dedicated, locally controlled, and sustained funding to build climate-resiliency.

I am well-tested and always defend our democracy. I have consistently spoken uncomfortable truths and faced challenges head-on because true leadership demands it. Last December, we witnessed the shameful departure from the peaceful transfer of power in our City Hall. On their first day in office, Nash and Newsom chose obstructionism, depriving our City of representation for an unprecedented 7 days.

Taking the responsibility of leadership to heart, I have a duty to right those wrongs. To restore order and integrity to our City, I advocate for the respect of our Charter and the rule of law. I honor the people’s right to representation and adherence to our Council Guidelines. Therefore, I support the appointment of my colleagues Nash as Mayor and Newsom as Deputy Mayor. It is their turn to lead.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to illness I am unable to attend the re-organization meeting, I didn’t want to risk spreading illness in such a large community gathering when RSV and COVID are on the rise.

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Dec 05, 2023

The public will soon see whether Mayor Nash and Deputy Newsom want to carry on the historic legacy left by Amourence Lee. Let us hope and pray that's the case.

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